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Life Leadership & Character Development Textbooks


Self-Action Leadership (Volumes I and II) provides the first, and only, books of their kind in the academic world today. This two-volume set single-handedly carves out a new and unique scholarly niche by providing the only comprehensive, secular manual to holistically address society’s universal need for personal leadership and character development. Its single-minded aim is the global promotion and proliferation of leadership, character, and life-skills education in nations, communities, organizations, schools, homes, and individual lives throughout the world.

The concept of Self-Action Leadership (SAL) is rooted in 30 years of extensive research spanning the fields of self-leadership, leadership, action research, character education, existential philosophy, and autoethnography. In addition to drawing on the scholarship of these extant academic fields, SAL simultaneously builds upon them by introducing an original theory and model that executives, administrators, scholars, teachers, and practitioners alike can universally utilize to their own advantages and to the benefit of their colleagues, subordinates, and students.

Volume I contains the first four (of eight) book sections in the two-volume set. These book sections, referred to as “Books,” introduce the concept of “Life Leadership” (Book the First) as part of a larger introduction to SAL (Book the Second). The SAL Philosophy and SAL Theory are then introduced in Books the Third and Fourth, respectively.

Volume II contains the last four book sections and the appendices for the combined volumes. These book sections, referred to as “Books,” include the Self-Action Leadership Model (Book the Fifth), a collection of real-life anecdotes illustrating SAL in action (Book the Sixth), a Pedagogy of Personal Leadership and Character Development (Book the Seventh), concluding remarks (Book the Last), and the Freedom Focused Corporate Declaration of Independence and Constitution (in conjunction with the other appendices).
Dr. Jordan R. Jensen is the Founder, CEO, and Master Facilitator of Freedom Focused LLC, a professional leadership training organization in Houston, TX, USA. He is the author of several books and hundreds of articles that have appeared in a variety of different periodicals, including multiple peer-reviewed academic journals. A skilled writer and educator, Dr. Jensen has facilitated training events throughout the English-speaking world. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Utah Valley University and a Doctoral degree in Education from Fielding Graduate University, USA. Jordan Jensen

Supporting Scholarly Articles

Character Education SAL Theory SAL Model SAL Pedagogy

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Organizational success is determined by the integrity and efficacy of each individual.

At Freedom Focused, our focus is developing principle-centered SELF-ACTION LEADERS that immediately add value to your organization through their own personal growth and achievement.

Our three step education process begins with a foundation in Self-Action Leadership, builds with interpersonal and communication excellence, and completes with effective team leadership.

Keys to Your Success:
  • Each learner establishes their individual vision and commitment with a foundation in Self-Action Leadership
  • Efficient delivery of development programs = higher ROI for your resources
  • We listen and address your organization's challenges with a tailored approach
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Traditional leadership training is usually a reaction to a recent crisis or issue. While this may address an immediate need, what about next quarter, and next year?

All leaders must address immediate needs. Effective leaders, however, understand that what their employees or students are becoming over time is even more important. If you lead people who willingly operate under the right principles, results will take care of themselves.

SAL training is a holistic approach to developing the right kind of people: honest, hard working, emotionally resilient team players who are committed to the vision of your organization.

SAL Definition: Morally informed self-leadership that is action-oriented, focused on long-term results, and aimed at a continual rise in the achievement & growth of self and others.

SAL combines self-leadership (the leadership of self) and action research (a 4-step method of strategic problem solving) to address immediate objectives while simultaneously achieving personal growth for future successes.

SAL is more than a mere "technique" of self-leadership. It is a whole new way of thinking, doing, and most importantly, being, that empowers highly effective and productive self-directed organizations capable of superior performance and results.

Self-Action Leadership Theory

The SAL theory is based on an atmospheric and astronomical metaphor that compares a self-action leader’s life journey to the voyage of a rocket traveling to Outer Space. Similar to Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation, SAL theory includes nine different stages of personal development. Self-action leaders possess the potential To sequentially rise to higher levels of personal development by learning and applying SAL principles and practices.

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The Self-Action Leadership Theory received publication in the Journal of Leadership & Management. Download the full article below.

SAL Theory Publication

Self-Action Leadership Model

The SAL model is based on a construction metaphor that compares a self-action leader’s life preparation, design, and decisions, and maintenance to the blueprints, building, and upkeep of a skyscraper. Four (4) primary steps and twenty-one (21) secondary principles and practices of successful life construction and maintenance are provided.

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