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Corporate  Learning

At Freedom Focused, we develop professionals in three different ways. First, we provide EDUCATION through interactive training (seminar) sessions. Second, we ENGAGE professionals and leaders through group consultations and one-on-one coaching sessions. Third, we INSPIRE by providing cutting-edge literature, keynote oratory, and motivational speaking.

Dr. Jensen has provided training or consulting for a variety of Fortune 500 and other corporations such as: British Petroleum (BP), Phillips 66, ConocoPhillips, Subsea 7, Enbridge Energy, DuPont, and Olympus.

Freedom Focused has also provided training and consulting for the U.S. and Canadian governments, all five branches of the U.S. military, and Atlanta & Houston public school districts.


Positive change starts with Education.

Our unique three-step education process focuses on three critical areas of development:

STEP ONE: Self-Action Leadership
STEP TWO: Communication and Interpersonal Excellence
STEP THREE: Leadership and Management

Freedom Focused provides seminar training that is jammed packed with essential content for each of these steps. But we do not stop there. Our training provides interactive experiences to foster individual commitment to improvement.

Because these three educational steps naturally build upon one another, the course materials should ideally be undertaken in order. However, we provide individual courses in any order to clients on an as-needed basis.

Below you will find the specific training options for these primary areas of personal and professional development. All courses are 1-day seminars that last 6-8 hours, but may be tailored to meet your timing needs.

STEP ONE: Self-Action Leadership

Self-Action Leadership
The Key to Personal & Professional Freedom
Course Details & Description
Self-Action Leadership Defined:

STEP TWO: Communication and Interpersonal Excellence

Business Communication Essentials
The Keys to Successful Listening and Speaking at Work
Course Details & Description
Mastering Your Emotions
The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence at Work
Course Details & Description
Results Focused Business Writing
The Fundamentals of Professional Written Communication
Course Details & Description
Grammar Made Fun for Professionals
An Essential Refresher on English Grammar and Proofreading
Course Details & Description
Email Professionalism and Etiquette
The Keys to Effective Electronic Communication
Course Details & Description
Delivering Powerful Presentations
The Art of Public Speaking and Persuasion
Course Details & Description

STEP THREE: Leadership and Management

Leadership & Management 101
Principles for Leading Teams to Get Results
Course Details & Description
The Time-Life Balance
Where Time Management Meets Life Leadership
Course Details & Description


Empower employees to turn knowledge into success.

Freedom Focused provides coaching and consultation services for every topic we cover to ensure application after initial training delivery. This can be accomplished on a group or one-on-one level. Education is exponentially more effective with coaching and immediate application.

Watch this video to hear about the importance of integrating education and application:

Our services range from facilitating strategic leadership discussions and serving as a communication intermediary to providing one-on-one editing coaching sessions and professional proofreading services.

Contact us today to get a quote on our wide array of coaching and consulting services.


"We're all inspired by the words"
- Jim Rohn, World Renowned Business Philosopher
From time-to-time, everyone needs to be inspired. Encouraging words rooted in true principles and delivered with passion and energy can provide a critical boost at the beginning of a major project or when morale is low. You may need someone to come in and communicate a particular message that needs reinforcing. Whether you need to recharge your organization's batteries or communicate a specific message, Dr. Jordan Jensen is the right choice to deliver a powerful message as a keynote or motivational speaker.

Watch an VIDEO of Dr. Jensen delivering a motivational address:

Contact us today to discuss keynote address options ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

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